How to Reduce Co2 Emission on My Car

Pollution is one of the major issues we are fighting in the 21st century. Pollution not only affects the nature but also creates havoc for the human population. Pollution causes many medical problems to the humans and is one of the reasons for the major concern of global warming. Co2 is the major gas causing the greenhouse effect. Though road transport is one of the major causes of co2 emission and causing pollution, we cannot think of avoiding the vehicles completely. Rather with each day passing, thousands and lakhs of cars join the race on the road to add to the pollution.  The transport sector is still on increase to add to this emission. One thing that we can do is to know and apply the ways that can help to reduce co2 emission on my car. The ways to reduce co2 emission on my car will not only serve the purpose of saving the nature from pollution but will also increase the efficiency of my car.

Trying to find out ways to reduce the co2 emission on your car and their application is the best practical way to take charge of our responsibility towards nature. A vehicle that emits more co2 not only works less efficiently but also consumes more fuel and adds to your budget. So, it is wise and always a good idea to follow some rules and procedures to reduce the emission of co2 in our car. Let us know some steps to be followed in order to reduce the emission of co2 in our car.


With the constant use of your car for years, unwanted particles deposits in the engine reducing its efficiency and increasing the emission of co2. It is advisable to add a cleaning agent to your fuel system to reduce the emission of co2 on your car and improve on its efficiency. You can also consider the premium fuel that already has the cleaning agent in it. For the better results and to reduce the emission of co2 on your car you must add the cleaning agent to your fuel tank every three months.


You must have noticed the expensive fuels marked as super or premium fuels along with the regular fuel at the pump station. These expensive fuels contain the cleaning agent in them which removes the unwanted material from the engine, cleans it, increases the performance of the engine and reduce the co2 emission on your car. The effect of these premium fuels depends on a variety of constraints i.e. model of the car, the age of the car, driving skills and the type of journey you are going on. To check and decide whether these expensive fuels are worth or not you must get it filled in your car at least 3 to 4 times.


As we need water to survive and air to breath same is with oil and air filter in your car. Oil is as important for your vehicle as blood in your body. It keeps lubricates, cleans and keep cool your engine. It also reduces the wear and tears in your car engine.

Air filter works as our lungs. Imagine a situation if our lungs get clogged we would not be able to breathe, the same is with our car engine. If the air filters get clogged up, the engine is unable to breathe. It will cause undue wear and tear which reduces the performance of our car.

It is advised to regularly check the duration and timing of getting your car serviced. Get your car serviced at proper intervals, get the oil changed and air filters clean from time to time to reduce the co2 emission on your car and increase its efficiency.


How many times do you check the pressure in the tyres of your car? You must get your tyres checked for the pressure at least every week. Tyres with low pressure not only add to the co2 emission on your car but also degrade its performance. Even if you are not driving for many days, a standing car tyre also loses the air pressure at still condition. It is advisable to reduce the co2 emission on your car and optimise the fuel efficiency you must get the tyre pressure checked regularly at proper intervals.

At the time of buying or changing the tyres to invest in the good quality of tyres to increase the efficiency and reduce the co2 emission on your car.


We all have accustomed our body to the temperature of the air conditioner be it office, home, schools, hospitals, restaurants or even our car. The car engine has to work harder to keep the air conditioner working in your car. It also increases the emission of co2 in your car. Turning off the air conditioner for sometimes before you reach your destination or if the weather allows it to turn off will benefit the efficiency of the engine as well will reduce the3 co2 emission on your car.


You must have observed people enjoying the cabin feel in their car while waiting for someone or at the traffic lights with AC on in the car. You must be wise enough to know and decide when to turn off your engine to reduce the emission of co2 on your car and use it more efficiently. It is observed that the energy used in restarting the engine is considerably less as compared to the energy consumed during the halt time of your car.


Driving is not a race that has to won and you are not going to receive an award for driving fast but you might get awarded if you become an artist in driving and are able to drive most efficiently and with reduced emission of co2 on your car. If you drive carefully and smoothly, applying the brakes softly, changing the gear beforehand, it will be guaranteed to improve the performance of your car engine and will surely reduce the emission of co2 on your car.


All the material things are used to solve a purpose but sometimes we are so lost and mingled with them that they do not just remain a necessity but they become a habit a part and parcel of life. Before you own a car you sincerely plan your work and visits so that you do not need to move unnecessarily. As soon as you own a car you stop that planning task and the car slowly becomes a habit instead of the necessity. Even if you had to go to the nearby shop you prefer driving the car. To reduce the emission of co2 on your car and to use the car efficiently you must plan your visits and trips and try to minimize the fuel cost of your car.


If you have a rooftop box on your car that you scarcely use, try to get it removed. You will be surprised to know that the rooftop box is adding to your fuel budget by increasing the aerodynamic drag that in turn reduces the efficiency of the car and increases the co2 emission on your car. To reduce the co2 emission on your car check for all the causes that increase the aerodynamic drag and try to get them removed from your car.


The new cars that are now coming in the market are designed in such a way so as the emission of co2 on the car is reduced to the certain level. If you own a very old car and it demands to repair every now and then, it is the best time to change your car and own a new car to get rid of the wear and tear cost every now and then and to adding your share in reducing the emission of co2 on your car. To help the buyers the new cars are labelled showing the efficiency of the car and the level of emission of co2.


EU legislation and environmental legislation are strictly working on the reduction of emission of co2 level on your car and they are able to meet their targets beforehand. The target for the emission of co2 in the year 2015 for the cars was already achieved in the year 2013. The legislation set the binding for the emission of co2 on the new cars and as the automobile industry is also putting its best efforts to reduce the co2 emission on your car, the level of emission is getting reduced every year.

By following simple driving skills and becoming an artist of driving and taking proper care of our car we can also help in reducing the emission of co2 level on our car. We still need to fight a long race and each one of us must participate in providing our share to reduce the co2 emission on our car and saving the environment.

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