Which Diesel Additive is the Best?

Diesel is derived from a distillation process, basically, it is an organic hydrocarbon extract. Its efficiency increases when it is added with fuel additive chemicals. There are different kind of additives that added unique benefits to fuel. With the increase in efficiency, little extra power is also owned by the engine. For instance, some additives, such as Nitromethane, are especially utilized for racing. While others are intended for the practical purpose.


Diesel fuel additive systems, when combined with a correct fuel additive, can improve the quality of your engine ignition and fuel both. By using a mechanical system, contamination can be controlled, which can lead to the prevention of the occurrence of corrosion of the engine and vehicle. By injecting contaminated fuel, engine stop working in that case also we can add an additive to improve the quality instantaneously.

Some Fact About Additives

There have been two additives available from decades, one to apparently “save fuel consumption” and one to “kill Diesel bugs”, and various suppliers promise everything from both.

The engine builders nowadays make smaller, lighter, cleaner engines with massive leaps in technology yet the humble diesel, by contrast, has been getting worse. So there is the demand for additives that can play a very real part in the modern diesel.


The benefits provided by fuel additives are immensely diverse, but most consumers utilize these products for various reasons and as per their demand for benefits. By utilizing one of these products in a vehicle’s fuel, you will be able to dramatically increase the fuel efficiency of your engine. In return, this will help to maximize diesel vehicle’s economy. This can also help to ensure that your fuel takes you longer than ever before.

How these chemicals are capable of increasing a vehicle’s fuel economy. This is generally because the chemical is designed to strip out the combustion deposits, which are capable of dramatically reducing the fuel’s longevity and effectiveness. These are alternative for saving money, all by investing a small amount of money behind this product.


Aside from the benefits provided to the automobile, these products can be enormously beneficial to the consumer as well. The good thing is that anyone and everyone would be able to treat their automobile with an additive. The process is uncomplicated, straightforward and surprisingly simplistic. Simply open the gas tank of your vehicle and pour into it the recommended amount.

The Reason behind their utilization:

  • Utilization is effortless and results are rapid
  • Can enhance your vehicle’s power
  • Helps you save money
  • Products are generally inexpensive and effective
  • The durability of the vehicle’s diesel injection system increases

Best Diesel Fuel Additives

  1. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment- It is designed for diesel and gasoline engines. It also has zero content of solvent and it also helps in minimizing exhaust emissions. It is a combination of oil additives that improve mileage and power


  • Boosts cetane number by 5-9
  • Consist of high-temperature detergents that will offer a superior clean
  • Improve fuel economy
  • One of the best fuel additives noticed till now
  • Decrease harmful diesel fuel fumes
  • Helps in eliminating carbon build-up and harmful moisture


  • May not effective in vehicles that have the huge amount of carbon deposits, moisture and sulfur
  1. Stanadyne Performance Formula- It provides superior cleaning with the use of its fuel injection cleaner. To prevent certain mechanical problems, we can use it on the regular basis in the injection system of a vehicle. It is also helpful in reduction in toxic fumes discharges in the ecosystem. It’s very effective and safe as well.


  • It increases the air quality with the decrease in harmful and exhaust fume release
  • Can be used in all seasons
  • The tendency to improve lubricity
  • Highly compatible with all kind of car whether old or new


  • The desired result is a gradual process
  • Does not show any improvements in less time
  1. Killem Biocide 16oz. – It is very much helpful in controlling the growth of fungi and bacteria in oils and fuels. Also helpful in preventing odor and corrosion to occur. Basically, it is helpful in preventing exhaust gas smoke, excess carbon deposits and plugging of an injector. Its suggested taking precaution while using in gasoline tanks.


  • It is helpful in minimizing corrosion
  • Very effective in controlling bacteria and fungi build up
  • Helpful in removing slime mats
  1. Power Service Diesel Kleen fuel additive – It provides optimum cleaning to the fuel injection system. Helpful in keeping the injector system lubricated, to produce an efficient performance. User-friendly in all weather temperature.


  • Improves gas mileage
  • All season usable
  • Having lubricity enhancers
  • Suitable for ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel fuels


  • Biggest drawback it cannot be utilized as a diesel fuel winterize
  1. Liqui Moly Super Diesel Additive It is highly recommended for premium cars such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Audi, for their diesel-powered property. Quite popular among owners of older cars.


  • As it contains a lot of detergents which is helpful in maintaining the engine and injectors clean
  • It is helpful in increasing the performance and power of the vehicle
  • There are fewer restarted cycles and smoother startups
  • Safe to use in a system that has direct injections


  • For the new car, if you are using premium fuel, then it will be very good to use this additive
  1. Red Line 85 Plus – it is very much helpful in stabilizing the car fuel and make the vehicle very much fuel-efficient. The combination is very helpful in preventing the rust and also designed to lubricate cylinder wall, pumps, and injectors. Its use also reduces the amount of smoke produced by a vehicle and also makes easier for the vehicle to over and start.


  • The product is fairly inexpensive
  • Very much helpful in preventing rust
  • Act as the best lubricant for all vital components, including cylinder walls and injectors
  • Cleans injectors and eliminate high-temperature deposits
  • Improve fuel efficiency and enhances its power also
  • Reduces smoke and diminishes the fuel system wear

There are lots of user-friendly products to be used as per requirement. And are very easy to handle and undoubtedly execute the result that we desire.

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